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Philips LEDs to Light up 2012 Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball

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Philips LEDs to Light up 2012 Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball SOURCE : CNLEDW.COM 2011/12/22 Philips Leds are to light up a dazzling green ball in Times Square to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This year, 32,256 LUXEON LEDs will glitter in a range of colors as the Times Square Ball descends to partiers’ delight. The LED ball will also welcome the new U.S. energy and Lighting standards that go into effect on January 1st, under the Energy Independence and Security Act. But aside from symbolizing the movement into the New Year, the ball drop will also signify Phillip’s next move — to replace the usage of incandescent light bulbs in American homes. The company is introducing a consumer line called AmbientLED. Specifically, the 12-watt AmbientLED A19 model will be an innovation for all- effectively able to replace the 60-watt incandescent bulb. The new bulbs use roughly 80 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. Because of the popularity of LEDs and energy efficient bulbs, the AmbientLED line is both affordable and practical for home use.

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