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Rohm Plans to Sell E17-base MiniKrypton LED Light Bulb

Date:2011-11-17 16:25

Rohm Plans to Sell E17-base MiniKrypton LED Light Bulb SOURCE : CNLEDW.COM 2012/2/2 Lately, Japanese Led Company Rohm Co Ltd has launched an E17-base small krypton gas (MiniKrypton) led light bulb, "LDA4L-G-E17". The new LED light bulb is smaller, and the shape of its globe (semispherical cover) is closer to a sphere. By employing an LED module (light source) having a chip-on-board (COB) structure, the light distribution angle realize 180°. What’s more, the new product, which is equivalent to a 25W MiniKrypton light bulb, is made by using Rohm's own light-diffusing material for its globe. Other features including total luminous flux of265lm, power consumption of 4W. Its designed product life (the time it takes for the luminous flux to decrease by 30%) is about 40,000 hours. It comes only in an incandescent color. The new LED light bulb will be sold to businesses by Rohm and to general consumers by Rohm’s subsidiary Agled Co Ltd. For price, Rohm expects that it will be slightly less than ¥2,000 (approx US$26), but it also said that the price can be ¥1,500 or lower.

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